Thursday, March 16, 2006

Pix of Victorian Lace Shawl

I haven't blocked it yet, but here are some pictures of my shawl:

My daughter thinks she should be in EVERY picture and goes to tremendous effort to make sure she is, even if it is only her arm (above) or fingers (below). And you thought cats were bad about that.

In this picture you can see the nice, symmetrical increases, unlike in the original pattern from Elann. And the fingers on the bottom edge.

Here's the only picture I got *without* the children. It's not blocked, but you can see the shaping of it.

And here are the children, on top of it as always. It doesn't matter if it's a quilt or a knitting project, if I put it on the floor they'll be on top of it.

I've almost decided on a dark blue for dying the shawl, but I'm not totally sure yet. I thought I'd know by the time I finished it, but I still can't decide. If I do make this one blue, it'll be FOUR blue shawls, although I'm thinking almost navy for this one and the other three are medium-to-medium-light variegated blues. I love reds lately, but I think this shawl is too big and would be a LOT of red since it's worsted-weight yarn.

Relevant info:

  • pattern: Aran-Weight Victorian Lace Shawl from Elann
  • yarn: Wool of the Andes in natural from KnitPicks
  • needles: started on US10s (I think) and changed to 11s somewhere in the vine lace. It was kind of a big jump, but the store I made it to didn't have any 10½ circs!! I was too impatient to drag my kids around to the LYSs.
  • Started roughly 2½ weeks ago; I wanted to see if (barring pneumonia of course) I could have finished this shawl in the 16 days of the Olympics, and I've come to the conclusion that *wouldn't* have happened. Not to dyed-and-blocked stage, anyway.

This was a fun knit and I'm surprised at how much I like it--I thought it would be too heavy and bulky, but I'm pleased with it.


manda said...

beautiful!! :)

Kat said...

Thanks, Manda!

Melissa said...

Looks great Kat! Can't wait to see it in person Tuesday night!

As for the color you should dye it, I vote for a rich wine/burgandy color. Such a warm and cozy color.

But hey, what do I know, if it were mine, it'd be BLACK, cause I'm just that adventurous... :P

Miriam said...

Beautiful shawl cat,
is it true what i have heard that there are some wrongs in the pattern from elann.I have just bougt yarn and are ready to begin.
Love your blog