Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Lace Victorian Shawl Dyed

It's not quite the color I had in mind (or calculated for) but it's still beautiful!

The shawl isn't blocked or even close to dry--it's still dripping--but I did dry my emergency yarn swatch and that's what's shown below. Whenever I dye an item, I also dye some extra yarn for repairs since the dyed piece is a one-of-a-kind color. I got a little carried away with this swatch.

So here it is:

I think my dye may have been old--the color I was going for was a dark red-wine color and what I got is definitely plum! Since I'm now totally out of red dye, I'll be starting with a new batch this next time around, as soon as I order more dye....

Updated at 6:13 p.m.:
Uh, yeah. That was the recipe for PF #8 that I followed, NOT the recipe for PF #11. Sigh. I'd put the formula into a spreadsheet to figure out the quantities of dye stock solution I'd need and followed the wrong line! GRR! I still like the plum color, and it's exactly like the swatch for #8....

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Melissa said...

I like plum too!

Does this mean no show and tell until next week at Sit and Stitch? I suppose I can forgive you since Rachelle's not going to be there tonight. :)

Later Daze,