Monday, March 27, 2006

Started a fun pair of socks

but I can't give more details yet--I told the designer I'd wait until she's released the pattern to put up pictures, etc.

Yeah, like I needed to start another project! LOL! I sure am enjoying this sock so far though.

In other project news, I also started a double-knit scarf using Wool Ease and a novelty yarn that's a blast to knit except for the novelty yarn. The project is in my son's room and he's napping, so I'll have to post pics another time. The pattern is from Lucy Neatby, called Mirror Mirror and the novelty yarn is Portofino from Laines du Nord in the pink and white colorway. There's a yarn I won't use again--it's such a pain! I'm constantly having to make sure I haven't knitted one of those loops into the stitch, not to mention pull it away from the other side of the knitting. It's looking pretty cool though. I'd like to donate it to someplace that will auction it to raise money for breast cancer research, partially because it's the breast-cancer-awareness pink color, and partially because I've been feeling the need to do SOMETHING for charity lately.

I did manage to finish my "floves" (fingerless gloves) and I'm quite happy with them--but now it's not cool enough to wear them. Of course. ;-)

Here's the second one:

And now I'm going to go work on my sock some more. :-)


susancannizzaro said...

HI, I love all your work. Especially your fingerless gloves. I wondered if you might share the pattern? I would love the pattern , as I am starting Christmas gifts.....Thank You , if so. Susan

Kat said...

Thanks, Susan!

The gloves are a variation on the gloves from a book by Ann Budd, The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns.

I added the cable and bound off the fingers when they were the length I wanted.