Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mystery Stole 3 Swatch

I did a little bit of swatching for the Mystery Stole 3 KAL, and this is what I came up with:

I'm very pleased with the open-ness of the lace; I know that many people would think it's too open, but I've gotten used to looking at the Shetland shawls/stoles and that look really appeals to me.

The beads are so hard to show properly, so here it is on black:

You can really see how open the stockinette sections are. I like them. :-)

Here you can see the sparkly-ness of the silver-lined crystal beads, but you don't really see the verdigris-ish matte beads at the bottom.

This is pretty true to how it really looks, with the greeny beads so much darker than the yarn. If the yarn was a little darker I'd love them, but I'm not real happy with them in this case.

Now, after all of that, Lynn (blogless, sadly) is going to use this yarn with the sparkly beads for her MS3. I'm going to dye some more yarn, and go for a little more grey yarn this time (I think!).

Relevant info about the swatch:

  • yarn: KnitPicks' Paint Your Own lace-weight merino, marinated in the stash for about nine months and hand-dyed by me last week.
  • needles: Crystal Palace size 5/3.75mm bamboo.
  • size: 8.5" wide. Quite a bit larger than Melanie's 6.5" but that's all right with me!
  • beads: top are silver-lined clear crystal, bottom are a greenish-slightly bluish matte bead. Both are 8/0s.


Over at Caps for a Cure, there's a drawing every so often and I won one of the prizes for this round! I'm excited because I've never used this yarn before. It's hand wash so I won't use it for a chemo cap (since I think those really need to be machine wash yarns). Not sure what I am going to use it for, but I love it!

We're thinking about having a cast-on party for the MS3 on Friday, but of course nothing is worked out yet. I'm a little slow sometimes. :-)


Jane said...

I love the open feel of your lace. I too have gotten used to the airy quality from doing Shetland styled lace so I think you have made the right choice in needle size. Good luck finding the right combination of yarn/beads.

Opal said...

i love the way your swatch turned out!

Monika said...

Wow, even your swatch looks nice. I've got to learn how to use beads. It's all over the place and I like it on your swatch! Thanks for your comment on my cardigan. You'll knit that up in no time, once you get to it! ;o)

Taueret said...

Kat! Your swatch looks like mine (only, um better knit and blocked!). I mean the openness... I think I like that look too. You put your beads where I did too :-). How exciting!! I can't wait til Friday.

Romi said...

The swatch is really lovely!