Friday, June 08, 2007

Spinning and Lace Knitting

I've been neglecting my blog for a few days, and I don't have a good reason other than the weather is pretty good and school is out (so I've got both kids home with me).

I've gotten some things finished up and photographed, which took me a few days.

Here's my Augsburg Doily, from a German Lea magazine:

It's much bigger than in the magazine. I'm not totally sure what weight/size crochet cotton it called for, but I used size 10 and mine came out to 34.5" instead of the 18.5" the magazine had. I'm quite happy with it! (The darker outline on the sheet is from the spray starch.)

Here is one of the pair of socks I just finished. The other was in the bottom of my bag, and I missed picking it up when I grabbed stuff to photograph.

This yarn is so hard to photograph and get the color right. It's close in this picture but still not quite right. It's much more vibrant in real life. The yarn is Wildfoote Handpaints in the Ragtime colorway.

While I was outside with the kids and my camera, I decided to take a picture of my Shetland Tea Shawl. I'm at the final six rounds before the edging so I'm getting close! This is another yarn that's hard to photograph. It has purple and yellow in with the red, and you can't really see the beads on this.


I've been doing a tiny bit of spinning, and I just had to show off this little bit I did last night:

I wish I could remember what type of wool this is! Hopefully I'll be able to find my receipt at some point. This is some I picked up at the Snake River Fiber Fair.

Here's the other stuff I've been working on spinning:

It's wool, angora, and angelina, and I'm trying to spin it very fine. (Click on the picture to make it bigger.)

Here's the finished yarn from the King's Ransom roving my sister sent. It's wool with silk (that's the yellow) and it was fun to spin!

It's a great mix of purple, blue, and reds along with that yellow. I'm thinking about using it for felting but I'm just not sure yet. Perhaps it'll become a larger version of the bag in my previous post.

Speaking of the Bucket Bag in my last post, after consulting with my sister I've come to the conclusion that yes, I will use black Manos to finish the bag. Another trip to the yarn store....


Tomorrow is Knit In Public Day, and I don't know if I'll actually be out in public, but if I am I'll bring my knitting (as usual). On one of the email lists I belong to, there is a group of knitters who are planning a flashmob in a department store: they'll gather at an appointed time in the gentleman's section of a department store, knit one round/row on a small project, and disperse. I think it's absolutely hysterical.


Thank you all for your wonderful comments! There have been a few guesses about what's different on my Swallowtail, and I'll post a pic of the prize and actually draw from the correct answers this weekend.

Happy Knit In Public Day (tomorrow)!


Lankakomero said...

Lovely doily and the bigger the better!

Jane said...

Beautiful doily! It's amazing you find enough time for all your crafts. Your spinning is also really nice. I have the same problem of trying to get an accurate color photo of my stuff but then, once it's posted, the color varies from computer to computer so for the purpose of blogging maybe it doesn't matter that much :-)

Opal said...

What a gorgeous doily! And you are really spinning some pretty yarn!

Laritza said...

The Lena doily is beautiful! I had not paid much attention to it until now. Thanks for showing it, lovely piece and you did a wonderful job.