Saturday, June 09, 2007

Shetland Tea Shawl border--finally!

I think I've finally found the border for my Shetland Tea Shawl:

It's not really what I thought I was looking for originally, but it feels right to me. It's Leslie's Double Rose Leaf Lace Edging from

I'm thinking about trying to make it so that the leaves go the other way; most of the edgings seem to have their joins on the right-hand side of the work, but I prefer to have mine on the left-hand side. That way I can join the border to the shawl at the end of the right-side rows. [Yes, I know I'm odd, but hadn't you already realized that?] Then again, I might just leave it.


The other night at our Panera knitting group, a reporter from the community section of the TulsaWorld approached us and asked if she could interview us. There were only three of us at the time, and of course we gabbed at her for a while. She took some pictures (which I kinda fear to see--not sure I want to be in the newspaper) and said the article will run in this Wednesday's local section. Could be interesting! :-)


I didn't get a chance to knit in public today, the official International Knit In Public Day. That's not to say I didn't knit, just that I didn't do it in public. The only time we went out in public was to go swimming at a neighborhood pool, and I didn't bring my knitting since I didn't anticipate there being an opportunity to knit.

Unfortunately, we also didn't anticipate the *&%@#@* GMC Yukon not starting when we tried to go home. Long story short, Greg went home and got the van while I waited for a tow truck, and we made it home. The Yukon is currently in the parking lot of the repair place. We're 99.99% sure it's the "fuel sending unit" A.K.A. the fuel pump.

There goes the yarn/hobby budget.

Poor Ryan; the kids and I were standing in the parking lot (with the car seats next to us) watching the Yukon ride on the back of the tow truck and I said "wave goodbye to the truck, kids!" and Ryan started bawling. "No! I want our truck! I don't want my truck to leave!" Poor kid. It's not like he hasn't seen the truck being towed on at least four other occasions.

I'm so glad we have AAA.

Have I mentioned lately that I never want to own another American car?


This evening I finished up the last of the six plain rounds before the edging on my Shetland Tea Shawl, so I should be starting on the edging tomorrow. Woo hoo!!! I'm excited about being so close to finishing this project. It's been a fun one, although I really should have finished the other two lace shawls I've got on the needles before I started this one. They've barely been touched since January, but I'll get to them soon.

Speaking of more lace projects, I signed up for the Mystery Stole 3. Yes, I really don't need another lace project, but what the heck. Chances of me having my Shetland Tea Shawl finished by the start date are pretty slim, but hopefully I'll be close. Our quarterly Knit Wit Night (we start at 4:00 and go to midnight) is coming up so hopefully I'll be able to get a bunch done on the edging then.


I'm going to start on my Knitting Journal at long last. I bought a post-bound album (and a pack of refill pages--am I optimistic or what?) and I have a general idea of a layout, so we'll see how it goes. I really want to document my projects and they're all starting to run together in my head. Who am I kidding? I can barely remember the projects I did last month much less two years ago. Hopefully my notes on the computer and here on my blog will be enough to jog my memory. I'm looking forward to it! I might even take it to our monthly guild meeting (although not this month's--I doubt I can get it put together that quickly).


Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a pic of a repeat or two actually on my shawl....


Cindy said...

Your lace is beautiful.

Romi said...

Gorgeous lace! Hope the Yukon gets better. :)

N. Maria said...

Very beautiful beginning on your shawl. Red DOES look good!

Jane said...

That looks much better than the original edge to that shawl. I'm going to have to change mine too but I haven't decided yet. Beautiful work.