Friday, June 01, 2007

Return to Cross Stitching

I haven't done cross stitch for many years. Then, this book caught my attention and I had to get it. And make something.

The author of the book has a customer gallery and she put one of my stitcheries in there. [Warning, the "f word" is used quite a lot at this site, which I find absolutely hysterical--there's something crass and ironic about cross-stitching curse words. Not that I have. Yet.]

Anyway, here's a link to mine, which is the second one down.


Oh yeah, anybody notice anything different about my Swallowtail Shawl? I tweaked the pattern just a bit. There might be a prize if you leave me a comment....

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my Swallowtail! I'll try to get a pic of me in the shawl at some point, as requested by the "other Kat," Kathy L. Yes, there are at least three of us with the same name, but I haven't "met" the one that wrote the hiking books. Wow, that was quite a tangent. Time for me to go to bed, methinks.


Opal said...

I just love that cross-stitch book! I think it's hilarious! Thanks so much for sharing it. :-)

Jane said...

The curve of your lace nupps appear to be going in the opposite direction as the one I did. They curve in towards the center line. I think mine curved away from the center line. Beautiful Job!

beadntat said...

I'll pass on comments about the cross-stitch book (it's definitely not my style), but the Swallowtail shawl is wonderful Kat! How ironic that I pulled out my IK to look at this pattern just this afternoon! I needed a shawl to take to church (A/C intervention, ya know?) today and I didn't have a thing to go with my yellow linen suit. I wanted a quick knit shawl and I think this might be it.

So I'm sure you added plenty of extra repeats in the first lace section (do tell how many?) but did you extend the points on the lace edging too? Yours looks a bit pointier than the picture in the magazine. Oh, and has already been pointe out, you reversed the curve of the LOV fronds--you always have to change something, don't you?