Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Victorian Lace Socks KAL

Last month I decided to join the SixSox KAL group, but I lurked through the one they were knitting, the Horcrux socks. I hope to do them at some point but I knew I had to do the current one as soon as the pattern was posted. I debated about ordering some plain yarn but decided that I really should try to use up some of the yarn I have in my stash.

Here's my progress up to yesterday afternoon:

And here's my latest on my Shetland Tea Shawl:

And here's a pic of my chart and scribbling, just for the heck of it:

I've got 12 of 36 repeats finished.
I also managed to dye some yarn that my friend Rori is going to use for the Mystery Stole 3:

I used KnitPick's Paint-Your-Own yarn (the precursor to Bare) and Pro-Chem dyes. Here's a shot of how my yarn is usually drying:

Not sure what the neighbors think, but it doesn't happen all that often and I don't know that they really care. They already know I'm a little weird.

My contest for what's different about my Swallowtail shawl is still going! I'll draw from all of the correct guesses on Friday, June 29th so leave me a comment with what you think is different about my shawl. Just in case you need a refresher about what it looks like:

And here it is pre-dying, modeled by Judie Overbeek:

The other project (well, one of many, truthfully!) has been tearing down the old front porch railing, ripping it apart, and rebuilding it about 12" lower (and building it better, of course!). Here's a before pic:

And here's how it looks now:

We need to prime and paint, preferably without "help" from little hands (which is why it isn't already done). It may not be all that different in the picture, but what a massive improvement! We can now sit there and not have the top rail going right in front of our eyes. We always felt like we were hiding.

And just for the heck of it, here's a beautiful lily in our mailbox flower bed:

Tomorrow night is KnitWit Night, which I always enjoy. Eight hours of eating, knitting, and chatting! You just about can't beat that. :-)


IWannaBeABuilder said...

AND we have added the 4x4 posts at the midpoints of the main posts, all now "adhered" to the concrete. Est MUY bueno!!!

Knitted Zebra said...

Love your Swallowtail shawl! The "curves" are reversed, that area has been expanded and the lace "points" look more elongated than other pics I have seen of Swallowtail. {Forgive the technical names ~ I don't know what the designer is calling the different parts of this beautiful shawl.} The entire shawl has been lengthened also. It looks beautiful!

Kathy L. said...

And you have floored me - again - with the beautiful shawls, socks and the ever-resourceful-in-suburbia lampost drying rack! What a hoot!

(And thanks for the comment on the coyote on my blog!)

Your possible Cousin-By-Marriage 27 million times removed...

The "Other" Kat LeFevre

Kathy L. said...

Did you spin the grey wool skeins on the railing?

Romi said...

The shawls are gorgeous!

Ann said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous shawl. My knitting has been neglected of late, but you have inspired me. I will finish the sewater OTN and then I am starting this shawl.

I enjoyed your place for me to visit on my blog treks. Nice to "meet" you!