Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Home alone again

Well, not really "alone"--not with two little ones! But the in-laws have returned home after a very nice two-week visit. It was so neat to have them here, although I didn't get any blogging done (any excuse sometimes!!). The computer is in the guest room, which means a bit of a change for me since I can easily spend ALL DAY on the computer. I shouldn't, of course, but I still manage to do it with amazing regularity. It's been a good change, and I need to get motivated to do other things than look at wonderful things on the internet.

I've gotten a bunch more (I'm up to four completed) Moebius neck rings, and I've had wonderful responses from my testers. I've revised the cast-on instructions a few times now, and I'm hoping to run them by a few of the testers who haven't started yet. I've been very fortunate with the people who are testing my pattern. Anyway, I hope to take some pictures and post them in the next day or two. It's so hard to get pictures of myself in it!! Maybe I'll just resort to draping them on hangers or something.

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