Saturday, August 27, 2005

Moebius pictures at last

Well, I've finally managed to get some decent pictures of my Moebius Neck Rings. My Mom is the wonderful model, and we're at 11,000 feet elevation in the photos. We had a quick family reunion in Colorado (see post below), and on the way back to the airport we drove through Rocky Mountain National Park. I realized that one of my goals during the reunion was to get a picture of my Mom in the scarf and it hadn't happened yet--and we weren't going to see them again until Christmas at that point. Anyway, this is the picture we came out with.

The yarn is Lion Brand Wool Ease in worsted weight, although I've also done some in Caron Simply Soft. I'd love to get my hands on some Knit Picks' Elegance yarn, which is a dk weight alpaca/silk blend. Yummy!!

Well, once again my web site is down.
The morons who sent my web site domain registration renewal notice to my old address, from which we've been gone for TWO YEARS (yet they've managed to send the monthly payment notices to the right place!). Now they've taken it down again, I assume because I haven't paid the registration fee. Huh. Am I just supposed to spontaneously send them money and ASSUME that they know what it's for? Not likely after the way they've handled this so far.

So, if you're trying to look at my web site, please be patient until the people at South Central Internet remove their heads from where ever they like to keep them put my web site back up.

Rant over.


Theresa said...

Good to see your Moebius pictures. My Moebius looks like yours, which is a relief because when you are test knitting something and you don't know for sure you are doing it right, it's nice to know that it worked. I still haven't blocked mine, but will soon and send you a picture!

grandmav said...

OUCH! I trust you gave the Web folks the same comment! MUST be the computers fault, right? LOL