Friday, August 10, 2007

Finished Socks; Chaos Continues

First up, a finished pair of socks!

These are just plain stockinette, with my first short-row heel. I made the top a little on the short side because I wasn't sure I'd have enough for a more-standard height, but it turns out I'd have had plenty. I knew I should've done these toe-up, but I wasn't brave enough at that point.

They aren't made for me, so they're small on me:

I have large, wide, peasant feet so the top is even shorter on me than it will be on the intended recipient.

Please ignore the blindingly-white leg. I don't tan, I burn, so I gave up on tanned legs a loooong time ago.


Up next is the yarn I'm going to use for the SixSoxKal, the I Love Gansey socks. I just have to finish the socks I have on the needles right now, but they're going amazingly quickly. Photos in the next post--this one has enough pix already.


When DD's kindergarten year was wrapping up, the teacher sent home some parsley to encourage caterpillar/butterfly growth, and I decided to plant some more where we could watch for caterpillar activity:

If you click on the picture and look right in the center, you'll see a tiny caterpillar. We've had some good-sized ones, like 1" to 1.5" ones, but I'm not sure where they are now. I found some bigger ones this morning but by the time I got out there to take pictures, I couldn't find them. NOt sure if a bird or other creature got them or what, but I looked around and didn't find them. We've got about a dozen tiny ones though. They'll be Black Swallowtail Butterflies apparently, from the pictures I've seen on the internet. Of course these tiny caterpillars don't look like the bigger ones, but I'm reasonably sure that's what they'll be.


The kitties continue to be fun. Ryan was thrilled to have Lenny on his lap for a few minutes:

Despite the laid-back ears, neither cat seems to mind being placed on a lap and won't jump down as long as they're being petted gently.

Squiggy even puts up with being held like this for long periods of time:

VERY patient kitties.

Although this is what I found when I let them out of their room this morning:

They've discovered the toilet paper.

We're keeping them in the bathroom (complete with food and water by the tub, and litter box and cat carrier in the other side) until they get more used to us, and it gives them a place to go to get away from Gillian. Ryan pretty much leaves them alone, but if Gillian is home she follows them around and generally gives them a lot of attention, so the bathroom is their space to escape.


Hopefully tomorrow I'll get my act together and take pictures of my current socks. They're in a heavier yarn than I'm used to and they're going really fast. Now I'm starting to understand how Wendy can get so many socks finished!!


Opal said...

Great socks and aren't kittens fun? Maybe it's time to kitten-proof the yarn and fiber!

BadCatDesigns said...

Nice socks! Nice kitties! Such a great combination...

marti said...

beautiful socks! and you gotta love those miscreant kitties!

Monika said...

I like seeing how your children enjoy their new pets. It's hard to have new and young pets in the house, but they'll learn quickly, and keep it interesting! ;o)
It doesn't matter if the sock yarn is superwash or not, I'd just like to make a decent pair out of it. ;o)

Soo said...

Those cats are so cute. I'm in love.

Those socks look great - what yarn is it?

Romi said...

Heeheeeheeeeee! Love the toilet paper shot!

Rebecca said...

Hey girl, there are a few things I'd like to add to a KnitPicks order so email me if you're serious about a joint order, K?

talk at ya later!

keri said...

Good job on the short-row heel, I always find that kind is the toughest for me!