Monday, August 06, 2007

New Four-Legged Friends

First, thanks to everyone who left such nice comments about losing Fred. He's truly left a hole in our hearts and everyone's comments have been very comforting.

While he'll definitely be missed, we'd been thinking about getting a new cat for a while and DH ran across these guys at the Humane Society:

That's Squiggy on the left and Lenny on the right. They're 4-month-old boys, already fixed and everything.

Here they are starting to explore:

And so far they've been very patient with the kids. We'll see how long that lasts, but I'm hoping that one of them scratches the kids (not badly, of course) to get them to back off when they kids are too rough or too insistent that they play. I keep warning the kids that they need to not corner the kitties, but of course they're going to push it until one of the kitties has had enough.

So far so good though!

So I didn't get much done today other than getting set up for the kitties to come home and picking up some litter and other necessities at the grocery on the way to pick them up.

Things are going to be a little wild around here, and I suspect I'm not going to get much knitting done for a while. Gillian starts school on Thursday, so that adds to the chaos around here. Obviously I must thrive in chaos since I seem to not be able to do without it. :-)

Happy knitting!


Romi said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Fred. :(

I'm glad you now have kitten love in your life!

Opal said...

Aww! They're adorable! said...

First, Fred reminds me of one of my grays--and I send my condolences because losing a cat feels like losing a friend to me. But second, your new kittens are so cute, and they will probably bring some new experiences for your kids (not to mention you! how long has it been since you had to get a kitten down out of the curtains, etc.?) I guess you'll also have to find out how these little critters react to yarn in their world too--you might find them less sedate than your previous feline inhabitant. ;^)

Kathy L. said...

I haven't been around since your post on this came as a wonderful surprise! Thank you so much for saving Lenny & Squiggy and giving them a good home! (If I didn't have 5, I'd be right there with you brining home a few)

May they ease the pain of losing Fred and add wonderful memories next to his in your heart.

Love, The Other Kat