Monday, August 27, 2007

So Proud!! And the Payback Begins...

So why am I so proud? Check this out:

That's my six-year-old, KNITTING all by herself!! She knitted a row or two a few months ago and totally lost interest--until tonight. She insisted I show her again, and she did six rows all on her own!

As she was getting ready for bed she looked up at me and said "hold on, Mom, I've got to go get my knitting." It gave me warm fuzzies!

Then came the payback.

We were reading a bedtime story (which SHE actually read to ME!!--with only a little help) and I left to get a drink of water to hopefully kill my coughing fit. When I came back in, she'd picked up her knitting and was working away on it, and said to me:

"Just let me finish this row, Mom!"

I'm dreading the teenage years already. LOL!!!


Quill Socks

On Saturday we went up to Joplin, Missouri to meet up with a friend of my DH's that he grew up with. He was also one of the groomsmen at our wedding, and one of my best girlfriends and I shared a three-bedroom apartment with him for a little while in college, so it was great to see him again after four years.

I don't have any pictures from that, but I did get some work done on my sock on the way up (since my wonderful DH drove):

I got the heels finished!

Actually, I got one heel finished on the drive and did the other yesterday and this evening. So far I'm loving the whole toe-up method, but I think I prefer the short-row heel. Of course I need to wear bot of them to make up my mind.

I definitely love the yarn, although it is as splitty as everyone says. I'd originally started the I Love Gansey Sox from the SixSoxKAL, and realized pretty early that this yarn was not a good one for that sock pattern. I'm loving it for this pattern though!

Irish Hiking Scarf

Late (late late) last night I started an Irish Hiking Scarf that I'd like to send to the Red Scarf Project:

Yes, it's Red Heart yarn, but I have a lot of it and it's easy care. It's certainly not my favorite yarn to work with but it's not that horrible.

The white yarn isn't going to stay in there--that's my marker for how many rows I've done since the last cable cross. Every time I come to a cable row, I work the first three stitches, throw the white yarn to the back, work the next stitch, and bring the white yarn to the front again. It's easy to see where I am in the pattern and it pulls out easily.


That's all for now--I've also been working on the Hanging Garden Stole but it doesn't look much different from the last picture.


Opal said...

It's always cool to see a budding new Knitter and to hear her say "just one more row" must be even more amazing. :-)

Anonymous said...

THAT story is precious! It started my day off with a big smile...I can only imagine what it must have meant to you! It's wonderful. Thanks for sharing!


Monika said...

Awe, I know the feeling, although my daughter was way older then yours. What a lovely picture! And I too think, that the yarn for the Quill socks looks very good with this pattern.

Laritza said...

She will help you use up the stash.......or add to it :D

Romi said...

So cool that your little one is knitting! :)

Diane said...

That's adorable. Pretty soon you'll hear, "Moooommmmm, I wanted to use that yarnnnnnn!"

Glad your allergies are a bit better.