Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Chaos Continues

Things around here are settling down today, but tomorrow we'll be all out of sorts again--Gillian starts first grade tomorrow! I can't believe how big she's getting. Sigh.

The kittens are settling in. Last night they started trying to sharpen their claws on the carpet (it's really crappy berber) so I see a scratching post in their very-near future.

They sure are cute.

And patient. That's Squiggy in the basket. Neither cat seems to object to being put in the basket and carried around.

Here they are in Gillian's room.

So far neither kid seems to be the least bit allergic, but the ironic thing is that I am. We've always known that Greg is slightly allergic to some cats and extremely allergic to cats that have any siamese in them. I've never been bothered by any cats, but Monday night I touched my eye without washing my hands first and it got really red and irritated. Yesterday and today I've been somewhat maniacal about washing my hands and so far it hasn't been bad.

I'm usually somewhat anal about washing my hands a lot, but obviously I'm going to have to be even more careful, and I'm going to have to retrain myself to not touch my eyes.


I'm SO close to getting my Ravelry invite! Here's my place on the wait list as of today:
  • You signed up on June 13, 2007
  • You are #8801 on the list.
  • 650 people are ahead of you in line.
  • 14845 people are behind you in line.
  • 34% of the list has been invited so far
So close! When I checked two weeks ago I looked back and estimated that I'll probably get my invite Friday or so, and it looks like it might be close. Woo hoo!!


I'm hoping to finish my current socks today--I started the toe decreases last night, and so if I just buckle down and work on them today I should have them finished. Wish me luck!

I'm debating about what socks to make next. The I Love Gansey socks from SixSox are calling to me, but I really really want to use that Elann yarn I won a while back. Since there's only one ball of each I'm planning to do them toe up, starting with the pink for the toes, then after the toe increases are finished changing to the black-grey-pink-white yarn for the foot, the pink for the heel, and the rest of the variegated for the leg. Maybe end with some ribbing in the pink. We'll see! I've got big plans, as usual.

I'm off to mop the kitchen floor, then I'm going to reward myself by sitting down and working on those socks. (And hopefully finish them!)



Rebecca said...

Hey Kat, what size shoes do you wear again? 10's? I got my sockapalooza socks today and they are way too big on my feet! :( I'm trying to shrink them but she used Jitterbug and it's superwash so I'm not sure it's gonna work. If they don't shrink, you wanna see if they'll fit you?

Opal said...

I'm loving the kitty pictures! Little Squiggy is adorable in that basket.

Make sure you post when you finally do get into Ravelry so I can add you to my friends. :-)

Taueret said...

Get yourself some of those antihistamine eyedrops. I think Visene has one. They really work, and I never ever go anywhere without mine, they live in my handbag. Hurry up and get on Ravelry! ;-)

Romi said...

OMGosh! The kittehs are absolutely adorable!

Let us know when you get into Ravelry (with username of course)! :)