Monday, August 20, 2007

Red is not my color

I could also have titled this post "no, I've NOT been smoking weed" but I decided not to.

Why, you ask?


And that's WITH cold/allergy meds. I am highly, highly allergic to the kitties. I was cleaning out their litter box and Squiggy brushed against the top of my head. BOOM! Instant red eyes, and they've just gotten worse and worse.

I've never been allergic to a cat before and I'm just flabbergasted that I'm so allergic to these guys.

Now I'm sure you're wondering how Squiggy was able to brush my head, so here you can see where they like to hang out (their litter box is under the counter):

They're such good cats, so I don't know what we're going to do.


I realized that in my excitement over Ravelry, I forgot to post about my finished Esprit socks. Here they are:

They look a little odd in that last picture, but I washed them last night and they got quite a bit narrower. They're still soaking wet so I haven't tried them on again but I'm hoping they'll be a little smaller.


I finished knitting my Mystery Stole last night and I decided that it desperately needs to be longer. Unfortunately back at clue 4 Melanie said the it was 1/3 of the way finished, and going by that information my stole would've been 120" + if I hadn't shortened it. She provided instructions for shortening it, and now that it's pretty much finished, it's way too short. :-(

I don't think I could block it hard enough to make it long enough for me to wear.

So, what to do? I finally decided to unzip the "wing" section, a la Joan Schrouder in either A Gathering of Lace of Best of Knitter's: Shawls and Scarves. (I'm sorry, I'm feeling too lazy to go look right now.)

Here I am unzipping the "wing:"

I've ripped back to the lifeline and now I'm working a bunch more of the cat's paw section. My plan is to go until I'm almost out of yarn, do the plain rows and yo/k2tog section, then zip it back together. I'll need to bury two more ends than I would've originally but I'll have a shawl that'll be wearable. I'm kind of excited!

The finished shawls I've seen are absolutely beautiful and not quite what I'd expected from the way my shawl looks unblocked. How fun!!!


Opal said...

Allergic to the boy?! Oh no! I wonder if it's something on their coats that's giving you allergies. Giving them a bath might be a solution. When I got one of my cats from a shelter I had a hard time being around her until I gave her a bath.

Penny said...

Oh, that's too bad about the cats. It's odd that you've never had a problem before; I'm inclined to agree with Opal, maybe a bath will wash off the allergan.

I love the new socks! I have some Esprit, but haven't knit with it yet.

I can't wait to see your MS3! I'm about halfway through Clue 5.

Taueret said...

gah, cats. My eyes itch just heaing about it. Did I already suggest the visene allergy eye drops? They're great.

Kay said...

I had two new kitties once and my son's eyes looked just like yours. I bathed them out of desperation and it did the trick! Good luck!

Romi said...

Bummer about the allergies. :( There is something (now I don't remember the name) that you can put in your kitties' water that is supposed to make them less allergy inducing. Don't know if it works. Gee, I'm just totally vague today, eh? :sigh:

N. Maria said...

I'm so sorry your are allergic to those beautiful kitties!
Did I already tell you that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your picture header?
Well, I LOVE it!
It's stunning!

Diane said...

I'm allergic to cats and I have 3 of them. Somethings it just takes a week or two for your system to get use to a new cat's dander.

It also helps to keep them away from your face, neck, and forearms (where the skin tends to run a reaction).

Theresa said...

If a person is allergic to the cat itself it is to a protein in the saliva. Since cats lick, their fur often gets blamed. However, I have been by three different formats for cat allergies since I have bad asthma and a cat and I am NOT allergic to cats. But if a cat is dusty or gets into something I am allergic to, I have the same problem. Another thing that both myself and my cat are allergic to...the litter! It is worth it to pay more the sand type of litter rather than the dusty kind. Is it possible that it was from the dust of the catbox? Also some litters have different kinds of chemicals in them too. We get our litter at Costco and it is not so bad in $ and I am sure Sam's or other places have good prices on the nicer litters too. I hope you can figure it out so that you don't have to get rid of the kitties! AND I enjoyed seeing all your knitting! You have been so busy!

Kathy L. said...

Quick! Go to the closest pet store and get some AllerPet C (for cats) and wiped those felines down! I am allergic to cats too and the AllerPet helps. Plus, you can always bathe the kitties once a week. It's not the kitties themselves, but a protien in their saliva that we're allergic to. If you can't find AllerPet C, and don't want to bathe them, be sure to wear kitchen gloves and at the very least wipe them down once a day with a damp washcloth.
I have 5 housecats and would rather get rid of my allergist than my cats. ;)

Hugs, O' Person-Somewhere-On-The-Family-Tree

Kathy L. said...

Geez...I can't spell worth beans on pain meds, can I? ;)