Monday, April 27, 2009

Amazing shawl

I got an amazing package in the mail on Friday:

(Not the cat, the shawl!!)

Isn't that absolutely stunning?

It's from Nurhanne, the wonderful person behind Yarn Over. A while back I signed up for the Pay It Forward challenge on her blog, and this is what she sent me!

I'm almost done with the items I'm sending to my three Pay it Forward people, I'm just waiting on one thing to come in the mail to finish it up.

Isn't that an amazing shawl? I'm just flabbergasted.

Thank you, Nurhanne!!!


Nurhanne said...

Glad to know it reached you ok. My apologies for not doing a very good job on the blocking, and as you have probably noticed I messed up on the edging. But because the row numbers happened to fit I didn't realise until I blocked it and I just couldn't face redoing it. :-(

Abby said...

Wow!! That's gorgeous! I don't know that I'd be able to give it away.

Marianne said...

WoW AND Yowza! That IS a stunningly beautiful shawl! How incredibly sweet is that!

Mom2Schnauzers said...

You must have been stunned! It is absolutely breathtaking! ...any idea what the name of the pattern is?