Monday, April 20, 2009

Pretty things

We finally had good enough weather for me to get some pictures taken this morning! All weekend was icky weather, with lots and lots of rain. Not so good for taking pictures but great for the plants.

First up (speaking of plants) are some pictures of my amaryllis. This is such a gorgeous plant! Greg had been teasing me about watering an empty pot, but we finally got this:

There's still one blossom to come. I'm really enjoying this plant!


I promised better pictures of the yarn for the Yarn Dash, and here they are:

This picture is in strong light and is probably the closest-in-color to the yarn in real life. (Monitors vary, of course!)

This next picture shows the slight variations from the kettle-dying technique:

It's 880 yards/100 grams of lace-weight merino wool. This will make a gorgeous shawl! (Or anything else you'd like to use it for. LOL!)

Go sign up for the Yarn Dash if you haven't already, and this skein of yarn could be yours.

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