Wednesday, April 01, 2009

International Wear A Mustache in Public Day

All right, I know that's not an official event, but my friend Calista declared it to be, so we celebrated.

Here's my mustache at the beginning of the evening:

And Calista's 'stache:

She actually wore it all day and said she almost caused a few wrecks because people were staring so hard. (She drives a bright yellow car, so with the car attracting attention and then people noticing the mustache, she was getting a lot of interesting looks!)

It was tough to drink my coffee with my mustache, but I persevered.

Rori got into the act, too!

And finally, all three of us. I think next year we'll twist some of the other knitters' arms and make them wear mustaches, too!

That was one pathetic mustache by the end of the night!

I hope you all had a great April Fool's Day!


angtoyou said...

This looks like fun! Wish I could have joined in!! LOL

Grandmavickey said...

You gals need to get out more!