Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm thrilled with myself

I love figuring out things, and I'm pretty proud of myself for my latest project.

It's a decal of a drawing I did of a yarn ball with needles!

(And yes, I really did clean only the area where I put the decal, not the whole window--it's raining outside and I figure the rain will wash off the window for me. LOL!)

Here's a close up:

I got vinyl in black, white, and silver, and if it holds up well then I might attempt to sell them. The vinyl I got is supposed to last for 5-6 years in outside exposure, so it should stay looking nice for a while.


I've had more customer quilts to do lately so I haven't been doing as much knitting as I normally do. I'm closing in on the toes of my Monkey socks, which is good. I'm also getting very low on yarn which is not so good, but I'm trying not to panic. If all else fails I'll just buy another ball and do the toes in a different color or something. It'll all work out!

I also have two other knitting projects going that I can't blog about (yet), but hopefully I'll be able to show them soon.


I hope you're all having a great week!

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knitalot3 said...

Cool!! I want one. Are you going to make it to the SRFF this year?

LisaK in Idaho