Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Happy 4th of July; hat; rain

I was feeling really creative with that blog title. LOL!

The Fourth of July is tomorrow, and I can certainly tell--the neighborhood sounds a bit like a war zone! We've never lived anywhere that one could purchase and set off fireworks (legally), so it's taken a bit of adjustment. This year the next-door neighbors knocked on the door and invited us over to see their "practice" fireworks (they'll be setting of the majority tomorrow night at their campsite).

I got a neat picture or two:

Here's one of the neighbors moving a gigantic sparkler-type thing around (how's that for a precise description?):

You can see my son's room (with the light on) in the background. We really like the neighbors. They moved in a few months ago and we've really enjoyed getting to know them better.

I got some not-so-good pictures of the fireworks, but I'll spare you those. ;-)


We've had a lot of rain in the past few days--I saw somewhere that today was the first non-rainy day in 18 days!! They're predicting more, too. Luckily we haven't had any flooding around here (yet), but this was pretty impressive yesterday evening:

Since we're painting the railing, we hadn't secured the downspout on the house. We had a very sudden downpour and the force of the rain coming off the roof caused the downspout to pop out of the drainage tube and shoot water all over. Luckily DH is quick with a fix!


I finished Miss Dashwood, although my hat doesn't look quite like the original. I changed the bobbles to a single line of garter, and I didn't do the ear flaps. It's still darn cute though! Here's my 3-year-old son modeling it for me:

He's such a good sport!

It's a bit big for a newborn obviously since this was supposed to be the 12-month size, but I think it'll be all right. It's loose in the picture, but it's not loose on my boy's big head. Still very cute though!


Happy Independence Day to all the Americans who stop by my blog! May it be happy and safe.


Taueret said...

That is a potential future blackmail pic for sure ;-). Seriously tho that is a cute hat, I think I need to add it to my to-do list.

Opal said...

I totally agree with taueret. Although that's an adorable hat, you can put that picture into your arsenal for later use for when your son is a rebellious teenager. ;-)

Jane said...

I'd call that a "potential girlfriend deterrent" picture. One you save to show the ones you want to scare away. The knitting howeve, is really nicely done :-)

Susan Pandorf said...

Keep that picture Kat. It will come in handy when your son is 16 and dating.

Hey! Parents of teenagers need all the leverage they can get!