Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Loot from Germany!

Yesterday my mailbox was stuffed with a package from my Aunt Louise in Germany. I LOVE getting anything from her, but this box was particularly spectacular.

First up, we have a small tube of some of the world's best hand creme:

I have some large tubes of this stuff and I LOVE it. Now I have a purse-sized one, hooray!!

Here's some beautiful jewelry, including two rings (!!) made by my Aunt Louise I assume:

My daughter LOVES the rings in particular, and I told her that she could wear them in the house as long as they don't go outside (or to music camp this week).

All of those goodies were in this pretty box:

And the coupe de grace, this skein of yarn!

DROOL! I'm balling it up now, and hope to start a bag or something this afternoon.


That's about all the news around here. My parents are finally back from their European River Cruise, so it's nice to be back in contact with them when it's not $2 a minute!!

Happy knitting!

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