Thursday, July 05, 2007

Newspaper Article, Stash Envy

I seem to be lacking in title creativity these days.

A few weeks ago we (the Panera group) were in the newspaper but I don't think I posted a link to the article. Click here to see it. I knew I wouldn't be happy with the picture--I'm never happy with how I look in pictures--but if I'd known there would be a reporter there I would've worn a more flattering shirt! LOL!!


You must check out this woman's stash. It makes my paltry collection of yarn look truly pathetic. Not only do I have a small stash, but I'm trying to make it even smaller!! I bought yarn when I was learning to knit, and I've come to the realization that it's not "the right" yarn for me now. Either it's the wrong color, there isn't enough, or I have no idea why I bought it in the first place.


KnitPicks is having a book sale, and dang them! (Not really!) I've never seen Elizabeth Zimmermann's The Opinionated Knitter for less than $29.99, and it's included in the 40% off all books! My pocketbook did not need this. And, and, they have the Sally Melville books The Knit Stitch and The Purl Stitch for $12 each! GAACKKK!! They're trying to kill me, I'm sure.


I'm on the 41st repeat (of 72) of the border for my Shetland Tea Shawl. No pictures because it really doesn't look any different than the last pic I showed, there's just more border completed.


I really, really want to make the Lightning Lace Jacket from Just One More Row.

I got the Cast On magazine that has this jacket in it and happily started a swatch using the lace pattern stitch given. Interestingly enough, my swatch has zig-zag edges. Of course, looking at the lace pattern this makes perfect sense, but I'm not sure there isn't a correction floating around somewhere that makes it not zig zag. It's clearly not doing that in the jacket above, and I don't think they just blocked it out. I didn't come up with anything through Google so I might just cast on a bigger swatch and try it again.

I'm going to use KnitPicks Shine Sport although I haven't decided on a color yet. I love the way the yarn in the picture above has a slight variegation, but I also really like how the Shine swatched up. Decisions are hell!


Yesterday my wonderful DH got started painting the front railing, and I came along about halfway-through and helped him finish. It's so nice to see it all one color!

And yesterday was Independence Day, so here are some pics of the fireworks and the kids:

The smoke bombs were a huge hit again this year. Ryan was wanting to do more this morning, only we had to figure out what in the world he meant by "goooom balls." Of course we did all 12 last night, so there were none to be had this morning.

This one was something like "solar flare" and boy was it bright!! It fooled my camera into taking this picture, which makes it look like it's dark--which it's not.

I hadn't realized it, but DH loves fireworks that make loud noises. I don't particularly enjoy them, but he gets such a kick out of them that I know we'll be getting a lot more noisy ones next year.

Things have been so wet around here that no one had to worry in the least bit about setting anything on fire. I can't imagine how much effort that would take--everything is soaking still. Here are some mushrooms that are growing in the raised bed around the light post:

Trust me, those are mushrooms. ;-)


Tomorrow Clue #2 comes out on the Mystery Stole 3, so I plan to knit a fair amount tomorrow. Of course, that's my plan--life often gets in the way of my knitting plans.


Opal said...

i love the patterns from just one more row. i particularly like the jacket that you're going to be making, as well as the yarn you're going to be using. i hope the new swatch works out for you and i hope you'll keep us updated on how it goes!

Kniterella said...

The Knitpicks book sale hit our pocketbook, too. Hard, very hard. It was an opportunity to get so much of what I've, needing. I nearly cleared my Amazon wish list!