Monday, July 09, 2007

How To: Adding Linked Pictures in the Sidebar

It seems like there are certain things I don't do often enough to memorize, but I do them often enough that I feel like I should remember. Here's a tutorial of one of those things, adding a linked picture to the sidebar. I use them in my "Current KALs" section of my sidebar.

  1. In Blogger, go to the "Template" tab (or click "Layout" in the Dashboard), then "Page Elements," then "Add A Page Element" (if you don't already have a link list set up), then "link list."
  2. Click on "add new link" and put the URL in the "New Site URL" field.
  3. Upload the image that you want to use. I put them on a page on my site, then right-click on the image, go to "properties," and copy the text of the location.

  4. Here's the tricky part: under "New Site Name" type the following:
    < img src = "put your link here">
    replace the put your link here text with your link text, but be sure to leave the quotes, and don't forget the final semicolon.
  5. Click "save changes" and you're finished!
Let me know if you have any questions.

1 comment:

Susan Pandorf said...

God bless you! I have been trying to do this for over a month. Can't wait to get going on my blogs buttons.

May God smile upon your generous heart today!