Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More Yarn Acquision

I splurged on eBay and ordered some yarn that has really intrigued me:

I was expecting lace weight, but this stuff is tinier than the lace weight I've been working with, more like cobweb to me.

The color on my monitor (which is calibrated) is kind of close, although the purple/lilac in the top picture isn't quite accurate--the colors in the bottom pic are pretty much exact.

I'm looking for the perfect project for this and I still haven't decided yet. I'm leaning toward one of the projects in Victorian Lace Today, although I'm not sure which one--I've got 1700+ yards of it so the field is pretty open. Of course since it's so tiny I'll need to do more knitting to make it big enough (whatever I choose) so that will have to factor in as well.

I've seen the Legends of the Shetland Seas done in a similar--but darker--yarn, and I love it! I doubt I'll copy it (as in use that exact same yarn for that same design, not as in make an illegal copy of the pattern), but it's darn tempting. I'm trying to talk myself out of buying the pattern since I already have so many projects going, much less planned.

Speaking of projects on the needles, I'm on the 65th repeat of the Shetland Tea Shawl border, so I'm getting very close to being finished! That's good because the fair is coming up at the end of September, and I'll have to block it.

I finished with clue 4 of the Mystery Stole, and I ended up shortening it which took out about half of the clue. I'm certainly not going to regret making it shorter, which is pretty rare for me--I usually wish things were bigger. Not this time around! I taped two 60" tape measures together to get an idea of just how long it would've been, and even 13" shorter than the stole, 120" is MORE than enough. Hopefully it'll finish at somewhere around 115" or so, but I'm not totally sure. It all depends on how hard I block it!

I also started another pair of socks, although these are just plain stockinette in order to show off the self-striping yarn. Maybe the socks will have a little photo session tomorrow (after I get a little farther on them).


In November our knitting guild will be hosting Joan Schrouder for a two-day workshop, and I'm very excited about it! Today I talked to my Mom about it and my parents are going to pay for my attendance for a birthday present since my birthday is in October. I'm so fortunate to be surrounded by people who understand (and support) my crafting/creative needs.

Happy Wednesday!


Eva said...

gorgeous yarn... would you mind sharing the seller with me???

Cheers Eva
sweetpea at sweet-p dot net

Opal said...

that is some gorgeous yarn. thanks for sharing the source!

BadCatDesigns said...

Hey Kat! I have some of that very same yarn and I LOVE it. I did the Evelyn Clark Estonian Garden Shawl in a very pale color-way of the same yarn and you can see it on my Flickr page. So I need to know how you can allow comments on your blog from people who don't want a Goggle account. You are my technical adviser for Blogger now!

Romi said...

Ooooooh. I love that stuff. I got to see some in person at Stitches West. Yummy!