Sunday, July 01, 2007

Contest Winner, Mystery Stole progress

I finished the first clue of the Mystery Stole 3 a little while ago. I couldn't resist pinning it out and taking a picture:

Right now, just slightly stretched, it's 26" wide and 19" long. MUCH bigger than Melanie's 20" wide stole, which I'm very pleased about. I'm not a small woman, and 20" just doesn't quite do it.

The yarn (to recap) is KnitPicks' Bare, hand-dyed by me on Thursday. The needles are Crystal Palace US 4s and unfortunately they're not my favorite bamboo needles. My faves are from an eBay seller named JoyceSuperShop (which always cracks me up) but I haven't acquired any 4s yet.


Since we lowered the front rail, the kids LOVE to climb up and sit on it. The other day they decided to have some yogurt while sitting up there, and since I had my camera with me they both wanted to have their pictures taken. They were even being cute for me!

That was in one of the rare sunny afternoons we've had around here lately. Right now the Tulsa area is way above normal for rainfall, and the ground is so saturated that the water is running down the lawns and over the curbs, even this evening after the last rainfall early this morning. I've never seen it do that in the (almost) four years we've lived here.

The kids talked me into letting them play in the rain (what kid can resist a puddle??) so here they are, looking guilty because they thought I was calling them in. I wasn't--I just wanted them to look up at the camera.


I should've posted this on Friday but I got caught up in the first-clue-posting excitement (for the MS3): Knitted Zebra (Delores) won my contest! She'll be getting some yarn. :-)

So, what was the difference between my Swallowtail Shawl and the original? Only one: I changed the direction of the Lily of the Valley section. All other changes (longer points, etc) are just blocking.

Here's the original (from the magazine, Interweave Knits):

And here's mine:

Thanks to everyone who participated! I'll have another little contest in a few weeks.

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Susan Pandorf said...

Beautiful pics of the kids - so soft and innocent. They look like little Botticelli cherubs, lit from within.