Sunday, July 15, 2007

Long Overdue Pictures

I finally got my act together as far as taking pictures of the stuff I bought at the Snake River Fiber Fair back in May.

To start, here's some Targhee (far left), a luster wool (I can't remember exactly what breed, shame on me!!), and some soy silk.

Those are my three "natural" colored rovings. My wonderful DH bought the Targhee and luster wool. He was so awesome--I was just going to get 4 ounces of each, and he bought more, eight ounces of each. Isn't he wonderful??

And here's a gratuitous close-up of the soy silk:

My sister and I split four ounces of it, and she spun hers up that night at the dinner and spin in.

This is some merino colored Ashland Bay roving that I couldn't pass up:

Also from Ashland Bay, some merino/silk blend. Isn't it just gorgeous??

I have no idea what I'm going to do with either one, but I've been lusting after them for a long time. Now I just open up their bags and pet them occasionally, and try to figure out what they want to be.

I managed to spin exactly half of the four ounces of the blue wool with angelina:

That's one bobbin of two. Hopefully it doesn't take me another two months to do the rest of it! I'm eager to ply it up and measure the yardage. It would be really nice to get it in the 900-yard range, but we'll see.

The angelina is so hard to photograph! It's like taking pictures of beads in knitting--they're just spectacular in person, but in photos they get lost.


I also managed to finish up Clue 3 for the Mystery Stole, although getting a decent picture is proving difficult.

The fabric I'd pinned it to wasn't big enough or rigid enough to take a good picture, so that might have to wait until tomorrow. Or later. If I was really intent on getting a good photo I'd block it on the needles and then take a picture. I probably won't though. :-)

You can see the beads in this picture, although it's not too easy to see the stitch pattern. I hadn't noticed the slight variegation in value in the yarn until I was trying to color balance this picture. I guess I didn't get it quite as even as I thought I had! It's pretty subtle, though, so shouldn't affect the readability of the lace pattern.

I'm having a really good time with this shawl. I can only work so long on it and I run out of chart, so I don't feel pressured to do the whole thing quickly the way I do with some projects. Of course the deadlines are all in my head, but I've enjoyed how relaxed yet productive I feel with this project.


I'm on repeat #57 of 72 of the border, so I'm slowly making progress on the Shetland Tea Shawl. I'd love to have it done in time for the next K.N.I.T. Guild meeting--the second Monday in August--but we'll see. My real deadline for this shawl is to be able to put it into the Tulsa State Fair in late September, and I just might make it.


Thanks so much to all of you who left comments or wrote to me via email during the last few days. It means so much to me!

I think I finally kicked that bout of depression, just in time to leave Greg alone while he gets over his hangover from partying with the neighbors last night. LOL!!!

I still haven't left the house since Tuesday night, but that feeling of being trapped is gone.


A while back I won some of this yarn and I'm still trying to decide how to use it. It's two balls of Elann Esprit, one of each color in pink and pink/black/white variegated, and I'm trying to figure out if I can get a pair of socks out if it I split the balls up (half of each for each sock). I've got big feet (10.5 women's US size, and they're more square--like hobbit feet--than the "standard" foot) but I do like my socks tighter than others seem to.

Anybody have any suggestions or advice?


Kathleen C. said...

Why don't you split the balls, and then do a toe up sock pattern? That way you can knit and knit and knit... until you run out. However far you get is how far it goes; they may be tall anklets, but at least you'll have toes and heels in them.
Glad to hear you're feeling better. I've known the grip of depression in myself (and in loved ones)... it can be tough to raise out of. I know it's hard but do try to make time for yourself... as much as you can.

Opal said...

Gorgeous fiber. I was going to suggest the same thing Kathleen did for the Espirit. Toe-up socks! And before you bind off on the first sock, put the stitches on waste yarn in case you run short on the second sock. That should make it easier to frog it down to size to match the second sock. I hope that makes sense.

I'm also glad to hear you're feeling better. I know how hard it is to rise up out of the blackhole that is depression. Melodramatic, I know, but depression does tend toward the dramatic. I hope the spinning and knitting comforts you and brings you some serenity.

Penny said...

Glad you're feeling better :) I've been battling some sort of slump myself the last few months, I'm hoping my job change in a couple of weeks will help swing it around.

I won't be able to make it to Panera tonight - My husband ended up with some tickets to Go, Diego, Go! and I'm taking my 4 yo, LOL.

I do plan to make it next week!